Dave Berkus is an author, keynote speaker, internationally known early stage investor.

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Dave Berkus is recognized as a worldwide resource and public speaker on issues from entrepreneur and early stage investor success to corporate governance to the future of jobs. He is one of the nation's most prolific angel investors with over 190 early stage technology investments. Board member or chairman of over forty of these over the years, companies both private and public. Serves on a number of high profile non-profit boards as well. Author of fourteen books on early stage business-building, and in-demand speaker at national and international events sharing stories and wisdom related to entrepreneurs, building boards of directors, trends in technology and valuing young corporate enterprises. His "Berkus Method" of valuing prerevenue businesses has been used by over 1,000,000 entrepreneurs and early stage investors, and is recognized as an industry standard with more than 300,000 references to it in search engines worldwide. He is creator of BERKONOMICS.COM, weekly insights for entrepreneurs and investors delivered to over 200,000 readers each month by email and syndicated to an estimated 400,000 more readers monthly. Author of three BERKONOMICS books, the Small Business Success Collection of eight books, and EXTENDING the RUNWAY. Co-author of "Get Scrappy," (2015) and "Better than Money," (1993), the first book written about angel investing (out of print). In 1998, Inc. Magazine called Dave Berkus a "Super Angel," the first known use of the term. Dave's TEDx talk, "Smiling at Success; Laughing at Failure;" his "Startup Masterclass" channel on Youtube, and his Wikipedia profile all available at www.berkus.com, www.berkonomics.com, and www.daveberkus.com. Dave manages six early stage investment funds: Wayfare Ventures LLC, Kodiak Ventures, LP, ACE Funds (1,2,3), and Berkus Tech Ventures LLC. Specialties: Public speaking, building early stage technology-driven companies, mergers and acquisitions, positioning companies for liquidity events, defining product and corporate strategy.

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Keynote speaker, business book author, governance expert, angel investor.